Red skin syndrome

Typical symptoms include red skin, spreads over your body, hot on the touch and can’t be satiated with itching. It’s difficult to regulate body temperature, suffering all – over body cold.

Skin is very sensitive so you can become allergic to everything. Red skin can arise when a person use topical steroids to treat a skin problem. RSS or red skin syndrome is also known by the name of (TSA) Topical steroid Addiction or Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW).

Topical steroids are called: gluco-corticosteroids and cortisone and came in different preparations such as oils, gels, lotions. Some of them require the doctor’s prescription and some are sold without it. RSS (red skin syndrome) can be described as an itchy, burning red skin that can appear due taking topical steroid treatments, they are effective for a long period of time. Not everyone get the RSS who are using the topical steroids. It is an iatrogenic condition and it must be cured by a medical treatment.

Before discontinuing topical steroids:

Allergic response is increased, feel of burning, stinging and very intense itching. Spreading on the new areas of the body with failure of cleaning which requires better topical steroid to clear the area.

After discontinuing topical steroids:

Skin becomes very sensitive to water, fabrics, temperature. Nerve pain, eye dryness and hair loss, appetite will change, sometimes fatigue, emotional disjunction, depression, skin is getting bright red (sunburn)


The ways of treating this condition requires constant treatment. Doctor can help the patient to prevent infection, pain, itch and can support with sleep aids, anxiety therapies and other appropriate help. Recovery time depends and it can be measured in months or years. Important fact is that there have been no proven medications for curing this. Lots of people report complete and relief when the withdrawal phase is done.

First thing is to consult your doctor due to possible risks of topical steroids. HPA axis suppression is usually resolved with topical steroid therapy, there is never enough caution. Stopping topical steroids can be life threatening. Your doctor can determine the levers of cortisol and continue with your curing.

Surviving the RSS

Recommended switching to non – detergent soaps and shampoos, using olive oil soap bar, banicream liquid hand soap, coconut based soaps.

To prevent infection use bleach batch (1/2 plain cup) 2 times weekly.

This stuff can help you with itch relieve:

Dead Sea, Epsom and pink Himalayan salt, also baking soda and Averno Colloidal oatmeal bath. Some patients feel relief after bathing, wraps are a great way for protecting the skin, and some helps the dry wrapping. The pressure on the skin can trick your mind and help you with scratching problem. Suggested wraps: Taping socks on hands or feet, bandages or tubular support bandages, gauze, ballet tights. Antibacterial ointments helps, some people use colloidal silver spray and oils to prevent infection. But before you do something on your own, consult your doctor! It’s very important to wash your laundry with a soap that won’t irritate your skin. Also a great thing you can do is to have a small vacuum for cleaning your sheets.

When you go to sleep make sure you wear 100% cotton comfy clothes. Use soft towels, comfortable blankets.

Supplements that help:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Omega 3 oils

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