Roofie Symptoms

Roofie is a street slang for a drug which is commonly used to disable cognitive abilities of women in order to rape them. It encloses a group of psychoactive substances which can set the victim in a calm, sedated state with a hypnotic effect of drowsiness. An additional property of these substances is that they cause loss of memory (amnesia) for the period which followed after consummation. It is particularly dangerous in combination with alcohol. Along with drowsiness in can also cause a whole list of disturbances inside the body, particularly related to the respiratory system and this can cause death in overdose cases. The substance we’re talking about today is called Rophynol in the pharmaceutical industry, being 10 times more of a sedative in comparison to Valium. This substance is generally used to treat insomnia and its formula was developed by a French pharmaceutical company Roche back in 1975.

Roofie wasn’t always the bad boy’s drug

As you might imagine, roofie wasn’t always a drug with such a notorious background. First rape victims who were sedated with roofie were violated back in the 1980s, usually used on its own. It can also work along a lot of other drugs for the same or some other purpose. Besides rapists, it was used by muggers as well, so that they could stun their victims in order for them to do their bidding without much resistance. It’s usually dispersed in a drink, so that the victim gradually reduces resistance as he or she is losing cognitive abilities along with their motoric abilities.

How does roofie work

The effects of roofie show up in about 20-30 minutes after its application and it reaches its maximum effect within 2 hours. Its effects may last from 8 to 12 hours tops, depending on the victim’s metabolic rate. Traces of roofie can be found in urine 14 days after consummation, depending of the detection method. Women who are given roofie in whichever shape or form may experience drowsiness in about 5 minutes after consummation. Usually women feel hot or very cold, with a strong urge to vomit. Irregularities can be noticed during speeches as well as movement, and after its effect the woman will not remember anything that happened during the drug’s effects.

Other symptoms that are closely linked to roofie are exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, nightmares, dry mouth, muscle weakness, hypotension, mania, hallucinations, with life threatening symptoms may include respiratory depression, coma as well as some rare liver and kidney dysfunctions. With overdoses the same symptoms apply, but in a more significant manner. The drug is very dangerous to be consumed by pregnant women and children, as it can cause glaucoma, sleep apnea, liver insufficiency and a whole other array of life threatening symptoms, so it should be treated as a life threatening drug as well. If you encounter someone who might be dealing with a roofie overdose, make sure they drink as much water as they can, even for the sake of induced vomiting. This will help reduce the effects of the drug itself.

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